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Blending international best practices and unique, home-grown innovation to drive business success

Our Practice Areas

One-click 2 Ghana blends international best practice and unique, home-grown, innovation to drive business success and development in Ghana. We serve clients by connecting with and enlisting relevant individuals and organizations; generating creative, practical ideas; and implementing the most impactful solutions.

We conduct searches of land and perform all the risk management activities which ensures that the property you want to buy is not tainted by ownership dispute or other disputes, enabling you to develop it in peace.

We work closely with businesses and not-for profits to understand the problems they seek to solve, evaluate multiple research-based solutions, and map out an effective strategy grounded in practical realities and grand but subtle possibilities. We will work with you at every stage of the plan until you achieve your goals and surpass them.

We examine your technology needs and help you choose, deploy, and maximize the most effective set of technology tools to improve performance and stay ahead of the competition.

Our team will patiently and meticulously work with you to scope, design, implement, and evaluate your projects. Whether it is property development or a community sanitation improvement undertaking, you can rely on us to excellently carry your project from conception to completion within time and within budget – while keeping all stakeholders informed and involved.     

Sometimes there is need for a set of multiple and related projects to achieve long-term impact. We work with traditional authorities, private foundations, and philanthropists, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations to conceptualize, design, and implement largescale programs that deliver value to communities.

We conduct training for all categories of groups. Topics include Entrepreneurship for schools and youth groups; IT training for businesses and not-for profits; and strategy and team building for senior leadership.

Our perspective is heavily shaped by an appreciation of the unique Ghanaian heritage. This is an outlook we want to promote. We therefore lead groups to tour all parts of the country to familiarize themselves with the diverse peoples; awesome landscapes; and colorful history which constitute the Ghanaian nation. Whether clients are student groups, visiting members of the diaspora, or corporate groups, our tours are designed to inspire ideas and create useful connections while bolstering local economies.


Our work is inspired by the tripod values of Originality, Integrity, and Diligence


Our ideas, outlook, and methods are informed by modern best practices and unique Ghanaian insights. We come to every task, project, or mission with a deep appreciation of the uniqueness of every endeavor and work with partners to develop and execute solutions that are cost-effective, impactful, and long-lasting.


We treat all people – from private individuals to the most exalted monarchs, whether you are a small startup or a big multinational corporation – with respect, transparency, and accountability. We make bold commitments, but only when we know we can deliver. And we seek to exceed clients’ value-for-money expectations.


We treat even the smallest detail as a step toward advancing our mission of helping create thriving Ghanaian businesses and communities. Accordingly, we approach service to clients with a complete commitment of our considerable social, intellectual, and technological resources. We do not stop until the job is done, and excellently so.